Password Depot is no longer launching

If this problem occurs, first please make sure that the program file "PasswordDepot.exe" has not been deleted (e.g. from a poor antivirus tool) and is located in the corresponding directory:

C:\Program Files\AceBIT\Password Depot 17


In previous versions (up to version 12), the Password Depot program directory was:

C:\Program Files (x86)\AceBIT\Password Depot x

If still Password Depot does not start anymore but can be found in the Windows Task Manager in the "Processes" tab please try the following:

  1. Close Password Depot. Make sure that the program is no longer executed in the Task Manager in the "Processes" tab.
  2. Open the Windows Explorer and go to the settings directory of Password Depot. The usual location is: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\AceBIT\Password Depot 17 (the settings directory of previous versions is indicated by the corresponding version number). 
  3. Rename the configuration file of Password Depot (pwdepot.cfg) (e.g. to 123pwdepot.cfg).
  4. If Password Depot can be started successfully afterwards, please send us the configuration file for further investigation.

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