How do I log on to the Enterprise Server using Single Sign On (SSO)?



With the Password Depot Client, users can access the databases on the server for which they are authorized. This requires the IP address and the port of the server as well as the access data set up by the administrator (user name and password). You can also log on to the server using Integrated Windows Authentication (SSO).

Settings for logging into the server via SSO

The following settings are necessary in order to be able to correctly log into the Enterprise Server via SSO:

You must first select the option of integrated Windows authentication (SSO) in the server under Server Settings -> Connections and set this as the standard authentication method in the client under Edit -> Options -> Network. If users then want to log on to the Enterprise Server, they have to select the corresponding option again here (by clicking on the drop-down menu when logging in).

In the server manager:



In the client:


Registering the client on the Enterprise Server:



For authentication on the server, the server uses the user names and passwords as imported from Active Directory (usually SAM accounts).


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