Login the client to the server via single sign-on


To enable the client to log on to the Enterprise Server using single sign-on (SSO), the following must be followed:

  • SSO only works with Windows domain accounts; the currently logged in user account is automatically used to connect to the Password Depot server.
  • On the server side you have to activate the option Integrated Windows Authentication in the server options -> Connections -> Supported Authentications.
  • On the Client side: the button in the Database Manager dialog box, Enterprise Server tab, Log In (connector icon) has a drop-down menu with two options:
    • Log in with user name and password
    • Integrated Windows authentication


Here you select the second option.

To simplify this selection, you can set up the default authentication method. Open the program options -> Network -> Standard authentication mode and set it to "Integrated Windows Authentication...". The next time, it will be enough to just click on the Login button.

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