Is there a msi file of the Password Depot installation program?

We do not officially provide an msi file of the Password Depot installation program  anymore. If you would still like, however, to create an MSI installer yourself as a wrapper using our standard EXE installer, please follow the instructions below carefully:

How can I create the Password Depot MSI installer myself?

Nevertheless, we recommend preferring the standard EXE installer. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The msi and standard installation programs use different entries in the registry.
  • If you carry out the installation with the msi installation program, a later upgrade through the standard installation program (which is also used by the Update Manager) will be regarded as a new application and the registry settings will not be adopted in Windows.
  • The default installer supports a comprehensive set of command line parameters for silent installation, component selection, language setting, default server settings and so on.
  • The default installer includes scripts for seamless migration from older versions, defining firewall rules, managing web browser add-ons and related operations.
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