During auto-complete, the characters are inserted incorrectly

Problem: When filling in credentials using the Auto-Complete feature, characters are inserted in the wrong order. For example, the database contains my@email.com and m@yemail.com is filled in. 

Solution: Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a universal filling method that works equally well on all systems. For this reason, such problems can occur. However, you can solve them as follows:

Go to Options -> Passwords -> Default auto-complete method and try one of the other methods. One will work in any case. 

If you do not want to change the auto-complete method for a specific reason, go to Options -> Actions -> Auto-complete and try to adjust the delay value until auto-complete works correctly.

HINT: For the default auto-complete method to be applied from the options, you must ensure that the entry in question uses the Use global settings value which can be found under Properties -> Additional -> Auto-complete method.


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