The Update Manager does not install the update


If you want to update your version via the integrated update manager and, for some reason, this leads to errors, you can always solve the problem as follows:

1) Write down the version of your Password Depot (open the program and go to Help -> About Password Depot)

2) Go to the website of Password Depot and download the version from the website directly.

You can always find the current version here:

If you are using a previous version, you will always find the last update of your older version here:

HINT: An update within the same major version is always for free, e.g. from 12.0.1 to 12.0.7. However, if your current version is e.g. 11.0.1, you may either need a paid upgrade if you want to use the current version or you need to ensure that you download the correct version of your older version.

3) After you have downloaded the correct version, exit Password Depot and simply install the program "over" your existing installation. This has exactly the same effect as updating the program via the Update Manager.

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