Error message "Cannot open clipboard: Access is denied" occasionally appearing

If you get the error message "Cannot open clipboard: Access is denied" when using the clipboard and you need to click the corresponding icons several times in order to copy data, please proceed as follows in order to solve the issue:

1. Open Password Depot and click on Help -> Settings Directory. Find the file cfg.

2. Close Password Depot and open the file cfg in any plain text editor like Notepad.exe or Notepad++.

3. Locate in the *.cfg file using Strg + F a string like <ClipboardDelay>100</ClipboardDelay>.

4. Increase the value for example to 200, so the string looks as <ClipboardDelay>200</ClipboardDelay>

WARNING: Only change the number (value) here but not the string.

5. Save the *.cfg file and start Password Depot again.

If that doesn't work, please repeat the steps as described above and increase the ClipboardDelay up to 400-600. That should be enough in most cases.

Additionally, there is an option in Windows called "Clipboard history". The clipboard history saves multiple items to the clipboard in order to use it again later. If you activate this option in Windows, data copied to the clipboard with Password Depot will also be saved. This can also cause the problem described above. If you do not really need this feature, you can deactivate it in your Windows settings. Password Depot will then not have any problems accessing the clipboard.

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