Why do I constantly receive the warning "Objects of users with WinNT Active Directory path found" even though the Active Directory synchronization has been carried out several times?

The warning "Objects of users with WinNT Active Directory path found. Please start synchronization of all users and groups with Active Directory again." constantly appears, even though synchronization with Active Directory has been carried out again and again several times.


This warning means that several objects (users) could NOT be converted to the LDAP format correctly.

You may receive this warning if you have migrated users from version 12 or older to a newer version. It indicates that several users belong to another domain and thus could not be converted from WinNT to LDAP with the current domain.

In order to deactivate this message, you will have to search for users affected in the Password Depot Server Manager and delete them manually. On the other hand, you can also add the domain used by the users affected to the Password Depot Server Manager during AD synchronization.

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