How can I set pre-defined default values for the client's program options?

Note: As of version 14.0.5, this article replaces the article Deliver Individual Configuration File to User

Administrators who want to roll out clients can set pre-defined default values for the client's program options first. This can be done by using the initialization file DefSettings.ini.

You can edit the desired values for the program options in the DefSettings.ini file and transfer these values to the clients afterwards, as described below.

The DefSettings.ini file is used once to initialize the client. Afterwards, users of the Password Depot Standard Edition can further adjust the program options any way they want. Please note that when using the Corporate Edition, the client's program options can be set in the Server Manager (Manage -> Client Security Policies).

Administrators who want to pass on some of the default program options to their clients can use one of the following two methods:

1) Modify the DefSettings.ini file with a text editor and distribute it to your clients by copying it to the program directory (by default C:\Program Files\AceBIT\Password Depot 17\ for the 64-bit edition).

2) Use the command line parameters of the installation program pdepot17.exe exactly the same way as the DefSettings.ini file.


The command line

/Server= /UpdateMode=2 /ServerIPV=2

sets up the default IP of the PD server, disables automatic updates and sets the default TCP/IP protocol to IPv6.

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