Can I use Password Depot on a terminal server and if so, is there anything to take into consideration?

You can install and use the Password Depot client on a terminal server. Since all users are working on the same computer when using a terminal server, you must ensure assigning individual port numbers to every user for the communication with the add-on when working with the latter. The socket port number is not a virtual but rather a physical parameter and therefore can not be shared by different instances of the Password Depot client.

If you do not use individual port numbers for each client, problems will definitely occur since Password Depot can not know where to send (= client) the access data requested by the add-on. It may happen, in this case, that User A receives access data from User B even though they have no access rights for such entries.

Therefore, when using a terminal server, it is mandatory, in any case, to assign individual port numbers to each user who is to work with Password Depot on the terminal server. If you do not want to assign separate port numbers to each client, we strongly recommend to deactivate the add-on in the Server Manager. 

Learn more about how to adjust the port number when working with the add-on in the below article available in our knowledgebase, too:

Adjusting the port number when working with the add-on

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