Passwords in plain text: All options

How can I see my passwords in plain text permanently?

Under Database -> Database Properties -> Advanced, you can display the passwords in plain text in the main view by removing this option:


You can either display the passwords permanently in plain text or hide them permanently - however, no specific period can be set for this. However, this means that all passwords are visible when the Password Depot is open, which we do not recommend for security reasons.

Therefore, the option Passwords hidden by default should be selected so that passwords are always hidden and displayed as asterisks (***) (e.g. in the Change Password dialog).

How can I take a quick look at a password in plain text?

You can also use the eye symbol in the detail area to display the passwords for the individual entries in plain text by clicking on the eye symbol. With a click on the eye, the password appears briefly in plain text and then disappears again immediately.

If you hold down the left mouse button, you can view the password in plain text for as long as you like.



Displaying the passwords in clear text is only possible for databases without a server connection.

Warning: For security reasons, please make sure that you hide your passwords by default so that they cannot be seen by unauthorized persons!


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