Which shortcuts are available in Password Depot?

Password Depot uses specific system-wide keyboard shortcuts for frequently used actions that work both outside Password Depot and within the program itself.

These frequently used keyboard shortcuts, which can be quite important, are listed in the Hotkeys tab in the preferences. You can see here the default system-wide hotkeys. If you want, you can change them:



More keyboard shortcuts are available in Password Depot. However, they all have fixed values and thus cannot be changed by the user. Below, you can find a list of all those shortcuts.


Favorites: Alt + C

Save Database: Ctrl + S

Save Database as...: Ctrl + Alt + S

Print Database: Ctrl + P

Close Database: Ctrl + W

Backup now: Ctrl + B

Lock: Ctrl + L

Exit: Alt + F4

Add Password...: Ctrl + Ins

Modify Password ("Properties"): Ctrl + M

Delete: Ctrl + Del

Database Properties: Ctrl + I

Copy password to clipboard: F2

Copy user name to clipboard: F3

Copy URL to clipboard: F4

Open URL in Primary/Standard Browser: F5

Auto-completion: F6

Select all: Ctrl + A

Auto-complete sequences: Ctrl + Q

Search: Ctrl + F

Advanced Search: Ctrl + Alt + F

Search and Replace: Ctrl + R

Options: F10

Program help: Ctrl + H

Program help: F1


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