Which firewall settings are required in the Enterprise Server & Windows client?


The installation setup of Password Depot Enterprise Server and Password Depot client usually creates any necessary firewall rules automatically during installation. You only have to make sure to check the corresponding options in the installation setup accordingly. 

Sometimes, however, the installation setup may not set the firewall rules correctly itself (even though the corresponding option is checked during installation). In this case, you will have to set the firewall rules manually to successfully establish a connection between Password Depot Enterprise Server and Password Depot client. To do so, please follow the instructions below carefully.

In general, you have to make sure that the firewalls on both client and server allow Password Depot Enterprise Server AND client all TCP and UDP connections. Please also make sure to check whether the port number (in version 15 the default port number is 25015) is shared explicitly. 

Therefore, please check if the Windows firewall contains appropriate entries for both inbound and outbound rules on both the server and client machine:


In general, the firewall on Password Depot Enterprise Server should allow all ports as well as TCP/UDP connections. You can also select "ALL" as protocol type (as shown in the above screenshot).

If the installation setup did not create the firewall rules at all you have to create them manually afterwards. To do so, again please follow the instructions below carefully:

Open the Windows firewall and go to:




Please make sure to add entries for TCP and UDP protocols and port 25015 accordingly for both inbound and outbound rules.

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