Where are Password Depot databases and backups stored locally?

Under Edit > Options > Save, you can set the directories to save your Password Depot databases and backups to the local system. By default, Password Depot stores local databases to

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Password Depot.



You can change the directory if you want. However, we generally recommend only using local directories for storing your databases to the local system to avoid problems during saving.  


Where can I find the backup files of my databases?

By default, the Windows client creates backup files of all your databases and stores them to the local system to

 C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Password Depot\Backup.

Under Edit > Options > Save, you can define the maximum number of saved backup files and also specify when those backup files should be created - for example, each time the database is opened. You can also change the location for those backups here but we recommend always using a location on your local system whenever possible.



Note: Additionally, you can also manually save your databases and backup files to as many devices as you want since there is no limitation regarding this.


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