Where are the databases and backups stored in Password Depot?


Under Edit > Options > Save you can set the working directory in which you want to save your Password Depot databases and backups. By default, Password Depot stores the databases with the passwords in the folder C: \ Users \ <USERNAME> \ Documents \ Password Depot.


You can decide for yourself where you want to save your data. Password Depot offers you various storage options for this purpose: locally, on a USB stick, on your own Internet server or in the cloud. You can also choose several different storage locations for this. Regardless of where you save your databases, they are always stored in encrypted form. Your password files are retained even if you completely de- and then reinstall Password Depot.

Where can I find the backup files of the password databases?

In our Windows client, backup files of all your databases are created on the local system, by default under C: \ Users \ <USERNAME> \ Documents \ Password Depot \ Backup.

Under Edit > Options > Save you can determine the number of saved backup files and also specify when the program should make an automatic backup of your data - for example each time the database is opened. You can change the storage location for these backups, but we recommend that you always use a local storage location here whenever possible.


In addition, you can also manually save your databases and backup files on as many devices as you want - there are no limits or specifications.


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