How to change the password for the Enterprise Server login?


In the following we will show you how users can change their password for logging on to the Password Depot Enterprise Server - if this is allowed by the administrator.

If the administrator creates his users locally in the Enterprise Server, he assigns the access data to the users manually and enters them under Account > Use Password Depot authentication in the user properties:




Does the admin allow changing the password?

There are two options for dealing with such passwords:
1. The administrator does not allow changing the user password. The option "User may not change password" in the Account options in the properties of the user is checked. In this case, the user himself cannot change his password to log on to the server at any time.
2. If the corresponding option is not activated in the user properties, the administrator leaves the administration of the password to the users so that they can change their password themselves if they wish.

Change user password: Here's how!

To change the password, the user goes to Database Manager > Enterprise Server in the Password Depot Client and first logs in again with his current password. After successfully logging in, he clicks on the symbol for change password:


A new window appears and the user must first enter his old password again before he can define a new one and then close the process by clicking OK:


Administrators can also explicitly require their users to change their passwords the next time they log on. In this case, the following option must be checked in the Account options of the user properties in the server manager:


The following window then appears immediately after logging on to the Enterprise Server with the old password:


The user must enter the new password here in order to continue. The option is only requested once, i.e. not for each new logon to the server, but only for the first time after this option has been set.

If desired, the user can - provided the admin has not denied him this - change his password for logging on to the server as often as he likes, which is only possible if a connection to the server has already been established, i.e. only if the server connection is active.

Hint: A manual change of the password by the user himself is only possible for locally created users and not when using the integrated Windows authentication, since the data is always pulled from Active Directory (AD) and therefore cannot be changed manually.
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