Can I open several Password Depot databases in the client at the same time?


Unfortunately, you cannot open several databases in the client at the same time. Therefore, it is only possible to see the content of one single database in the client's main view. Besides, search can also be only performed in the database displayed in the client.


Accessing different Enterprise Server databases

Accessing server databases with just one click is, however, possible. To do so, activate the following feature in the client by going to View -> Databases on the server:




Now, in the lower left corner of the client users can see in a separate window all the server databases he is enabled to access. Users can easily switch between those databases with just one click and do not have to authenticate again and again every time they would like to open another database on the server.


What's important to know when using the browser add-on?

If administrators enable their users to auto fill their access data on websites using the browser add-on they need to make sure to open the correct database before starting the auto complete process, that is they need to open the database where the required access data is saved to. It's the same when users would like to add new entries to the database via the browser add-on. In order to make sure adding this new entry to the correct database it is required that users open the corresponding database in the client before adding this new entry. Currently, you cannot change the database if the process has already started. Therefore, new entries will always be saved to the database being displayed in the client.


Hint: The feature Databases on the server cannot be used for local or cloud databases. In this case, if users would like to switch from a server to a cloud database and vice versa, for example, they have to correctly authenticate each time they want to open another database.

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